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The Sacred Earth Foundation is a collective of humanitarians caring for all elements of Earth.


What we are working on.


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Current Projects

Have a look at what Sacred Earth is working on... Training, rehabilitation, education and much more!


The Aim is to establish multiple syntropic sanctuaries, re-establishing (revitalising) the ancient song lines, corridors and microclimates consisting of high nutritional foods and natural bush medicines for animals, plants and people. Reconnecting to nature's wisdom through applied learning experience, we will create a showcase of empowerment solutions that facilitates a process where people of all nations come together in respect to share wisdom. 


Sacred Earth foundation is re-vitalising the Eagles Nest Wildlife Hospital, which over the last 40 years has saved tens of thousands of wildlife. 

Featuring a philosophy of empowerment in care for all things and restoring the rainforest; our aim is to establish a living model of how we live in balance with nature and each other.


Enabling holistic sustainability solutions - the executive leadership and sacred earth model is guided by ancient cultural and natural wisdom, seeking to empower leaders and organisations transition towards "a for purpose model and creating shared value" approach. Helping businesses to be part of the solution - not the problem.