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The Sacred Earth Foundation is a collective of humanitarians caring for all elements of Earth.


As a for purpose organisation, we are expressing our freedom to do what is right.


With guidance from the original knowledge holders and wisdom keepers, we aspire to:


  • Provide human aid and in the form of holistic natural healing modalities, natural medicines and organic bush foods that promote health and healing.


  • Fuse the best of old and new ways in resource management, energy, building and manufacturing.


  • Establish research, training and education facilities that support applied learning and self empowerment.


  • Support a process where people of all nations can come together in unity and honesty to learn and share customary wisdom and knowledge.


  • Co-create an inclusive community that honours diversity and leads the way in learning how to live together in sacred balance​​​

We are currently a community based organisation working at a root level in the community of Millstream North QLD. In supporting us in our campaign we get to share our blessing with you in your endeavours to do what is right and give back the respect that is deserved.

The Sacred Earth Foundation is a living, breathing eco system that paves the way forward for cross culture learning. Creating new paradigm education system that empowers and educates us as one, supporting health and happiness.


We as a foundation respond to the needs and voices within the community imbibing the best of the old and new ways of ancient knowledge and advanced technologies. 

We believe in a thriving planet where freedom is inherent in the hearts of those whom choose to do what is right; by building systems based on what works for the people and our future generations.

Sacred Earth is a Foundation of proven practitioners gathering as a collective of humanitarians paving the way for a better future.


“The Sacred Earth Foundation is a resonance and a song for people to do what is right “ 

“Imbibing the best of the old and new ways”


Tailored need based 

2 way learning programs 

a holistic system 

With input from the people we expand the platform to secure the future for generations to come, we subsidise with the support of the people to cater for all, not just some. We share and embrace our freedom to do what is right, as we the people get together to build a system that works for the people creating a unique system that brings suppressed technologies to the forefront of a new empowerment for the people, that can fuse the best of the old and new ways together in unity.


Our current mission is to establish a Medicine Hub where the development of herbal medicines and remedies are produced supplying preventative and curative measures to community needs. An integrated health care system for the sake of future generations, for the sake of applied learning and proper education from integrating cultures, and the sharing of holistic medicines, integrated with modern medicines that offer complete overall healing. 

We inspire to raise up retreats and proper rehabilitation facilities where all the participants become the voice that enables the actions needed to provide sanctuary to all in need


In supporting the peoples voice, we unite all colours and creeds in diversity, education, healing modalities, integrated medicines, specialised nurseries, sustainable organic farming techniques, exotic bush food gardens, aquatic cultures, free energy technologies, integrated architecture and building, uniting us in culture and arts.