Sacred Earth Foundation is pleased to announce our support for the Eagles Nest Wildlife Hospital in Millstream, North Queensland. Eagles Nest Wildlife Hospital has been operating for over 40 years and has assisted in the rehabilitation and release of tens of thousands of animals.

Quote from Harry:

“In reflection, I would have focused on the people, because it is the people that are destroying the environment and poisoning the animals. We need to focus on educating the people, they are killing more than I can heal. Soon there will be no animals left to heal”



Is to re-vitalise the Eagles Nest site and transition into a broader Life Sanctuary, incorporating animals, plants and people.

“Create a living model of how we live in balance with nature and each other”

We have arrived and found the priority needs:

◦ Support for the maintenance of the grounds and care for existing animals.

◦ Provide support for the long term animal carers who now also need immediate care.

◦ Awareness of the need for broader education and empowerment, to restore a healthy natural environment for all.


Sacred Earth Foundation has currently commenced an extensive business planning process to secure operational support and funding to continue the incredible achievements of Eagles Nest Wildlife Hospital, ensuring that the property is not sold and can continue on its new re-vitalised purpose.


This project is an integral part of the Sacred Earth Foundation and our philosophy. In addition to caring for and rehabilitating injured and sick wildlife, we envisage the property will host our Sacred Earth Headquarters, accommodation, healing retreat and an educational facility. We are also planning for an animal carers sanctuary, where the long term carers of animals can live on an adjacent property, allowing for their wisdom to be continually shared with all.


Our role here in the Sanctuary is to care for the animals, plants and the people, through education on the role of syntropic systems. By valuing diversity and recognising everything has a role, we celebrate the unique contributions we all bring. We feel it is about the empowerment of ourselves and others, to be the change we want to see in the world.


  1. Support existing operating expenses (care for animals, maintenance of the grounds, medical expenses, core team living expenses) from September 1 through to December 31, 2022

  2. Establish a new For Purpose Trust (30 September 2022) for:
    Eagles Nest Life Sanctuary
    Eagles Nest Carer Sanctuary

  3. Prepare Business Plan and Funding (1 September – 31 December 2022)
    Animals - caring for existing and future animals
    Plants – establish a nursery for bush food, medicines and syntropic song line gardens
    People - caring for each other and empowering community action

We appreciate soon there may be no animals left to care for, so its up to us (the people) to support the goodwill legacy of Harry Kunz and the Eagles Nest Wildlife Hospital.