Partner Fields

Eight primary areas of empowerment identified to align with natural lore and fuse the best of the old and ancient ways.  

  • Natural Healing 

  • Natural Medicine 

  • Bush Food

  • Permaculture

  • Aquaculture

  • Renewable Energy 

  • Building and Resource Management

  • Arts & Culture

Sacred Earth Sanctuary

A sanctuary space for an inclusive community that honours diversity and leads the way in learning how to live together.  

  • Designed for both efficiency and empowerment to showcase the fusion of the best of the old and ancient ways through technologies and syntropic bush foods that nourish the soul in the “new way”.

  • Utilization of quantum technologies, climate resilient building design and engineering, infrastructure, and localisation of natural resources and networks. Zero waste community, renew, reward, recycle. 

  • Shared value model/ production and resource based economy 

  • Eco-accommodation and Educational Facilities

  • Cultural and Healing Space to share two-way learning and wisdom exchange (Sweat Lodge, Baths and Sacred Fire)

Program 1

Wholeness and Wellbeing Advanced Nutrition and Natural Healing 

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