The Power of The Ocean ~ mix into smoothies, juices, use in cooking, rub on skin conditions, eye wash, skin abrations and bruising, sprains, and neutralises chemicals. 


MOZ 500ml

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500 Milliliters
  • Moz Quantum Water

    Mosmus is an oceanic product, a superconductor, suspended minerals bioavailable at a subatomic level, it's an energetic intelligence that self arranges its suspended ingredients to suit the recipient.  


    An electronic charge is applied to seawater at a zero point Level, it has been recognised as (sea gahnz or living Ormus) none the less it is a form of Ormus (monoatomic gold).

    When applied to the body after a shower it subtly balances the chakras system.  Clearing the energy field and feeding the skin at a cellular level and bringing clarity to the our daily activity and aiding in the repair of skin conditions. 

    It neutralizes chemicals, wash fresh food in it and apply to water tanks at 500 ml per 1000 litres to neutralise the harmful effects of chemical and carbon fall out in rainwater and settlement from roof catchments.

    This application to rainwater tanks is effective for a long period.  Depending on rainfall the mosmus settles on the bottom of the tank as a superconductor, constantly clearing the water memory back to its natural base. 


    Add 10 to 20 ml to your water bottle will keep you protected from negative interference (energetically) and feed the body's biology.

    Consume 10 to 20 mil after a big glass of water in the morning to balance the energy bodies and bring clarity to your day.

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