Our Projects

Focus on empowering the people to establish a self sustaining wholeness and wellness practice with the guidance of ancient wisdom, and comprehensive restorative practices.  

Build an applied learning facility for syntropic rainforest restoration, healing thru nature and holistic living spaces. 

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Natural Building Workshops

Eco Building and Healing Sanctuary Workshops building a Showcase Establishment and Eco Resort.

Climate Resilient (cyclone, flood, drought and fire) eco-buildings for luxury holistic living, where people and the elements prosper, a fusion of healing and natural building design,  principles of nature to support sustainable integrative living environments for the land, the water, the air, the animals, and the people. 

Next Workshop Aircrete Eco Dome Building
Commencing 14th March to 31st March with Natural Spa

Healing Space 

Sweat lodge, molecular hydrogen spa bath...

A healing space for health and wellness practitioners, holistic healing, medicines, and wholeness practices with dynamic health technologies and syntropic bush foods that nourish the soul. 

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Sacred Earth Pantry

Naturopath consultations, brain, gut and nerve tonics, teas, our range of monatomic gold products and more...

Collaborative Research and Training Centre

Facilitating cross cultural two way applied learning


Primary Areas of Empowerment 

Coming soon...